Quality Pine Bedding

Our superior technology ensures that your horse only gets the best pine bedding.

Super Soft Texture

Our plush and comfortable shavings ensure a happy home for your animals.

No By-Products

Unlike many others, our shavings are healthy and organically produced.

Kiln Dried for Absorbancy

Provide extra insulation for your animals with our kiln dried pine shavings.

About Our Company

home-about-usWe are enthusiastic about providing bedding products to horse owners throughout the US. At Callaway Farms Manufacturing, our owners recognize the need for premium animal care and equine bedding products. We own horses and cattle ourselves! We have “shown ‘em” as 4-H and FFA members in the past and make a living by caring for animals and their health. The products are of the highest quality available, consistent bag after bag. Customer satisfaction is our objective and with 99% of our customers placing repeat orders, we invite you to try the line of CFM products in your barn.

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